Wednesday, September 13, 2006


  • Got some new lights in the bedroom and office. Sylvania's "Daylight" fluorescent tubes, in the 48" size. Not a pretty fixture, but the full-spectrumness of the light makes me happy in these gloomy October days. Note: I had gotten some kind of daylight bulb in the compact fluorescent form factor, and the light from those briefly made me blind. In the bad way. If I'm in the other room and look to the light spilling out of the room, it looks like what you'd see coming in the windows on a bright morning.

  • Ran out of gas the other day. The gauge failed to function. I thought it was at a quarter tank for a while. I should pay attention to [some of] the things I think of. Died on I-88 about a quarter mile from an exit. Got it to start briefly, long enough to get halfway up the exit ramp. Walked to the top of the ramp, in the center of a huge shopping district, and couldn't see a gas station. Back to the car. I rummaged through the junk in my trunk (ha!) and found the following items, which once dumped into the gas tank stretched my gas supply enough to get it back started and drive the 3(!!) miles to the nearest gas station I could think of: A bottle of Techron and a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

  • I forgot the rest.

  • Sock garters!

  • I remember now: got a fantastic haircut today. The place was immaculate- like a weird immigrant's living room, right there in a strip mall.

  • According to the internet, Krusty's T. Clown's daughter Sophie was voiced by Drew Barrymore. Did not know that.

  • Also.

  • I am really enjoying my Beyond TV setup. I now have purchased the software, and have it running two tuners. Record one show while watching another, or record two and watch something previously recorded. Why is this better than Tivo? I can upgrade the hard drive to a larger size easily and no monthly fees (or insane $300 lifetime subscription, or whatever it is now). The main downside is that it's a computer rather than an appliance- doesn't bother me, but some folks might not like dickering around with another damn computer in the house. But I really like the DVR/PVR concept- no more screwing around with video tapes. Same freeness that one gets from switching to CDs from cassette tapes. Downside, you can't just run to Walgreens and buy more video tapes when something cool is on and you're out of space on the machine. Have to delete something off the machine to make room. But still, I'm really enjoying it.


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