Thursday, September 28, 2006


  • Welcome back to CO! Did you bring me back that harem I asked for?

  • What's the deal with Bill O'Reilly? I mean come on! This guy is clearly delusional, and what offends me the most is that people believe every word he says. Like certain family members of mine. Trot forth the ills of the world, blame it on the liberals and Profit!

  • Should a so-called journalist be calling himself a "culture warrior"? I mean, the secular progressives ("commies") aren't allowed to be biased, but he is. Because, he's right. Of course.

  • He was railing on about this police officer who was killed by our open borders, leaving a wife and five kids fatherless. I went and did some research, and that seems incorrect. Or, through the Fox News journalistic lens, A BALD FACED LIBERAL-MEDIA LIE. Yeah, he was killed. And by an illegal. But I don't see anything in there about five kids. And I don't see anything in there about how the perpetrator's behavior would have been different had he possessed a green card.

  • And what about this: explain to me what's wrong with being a secular progressive? I mean, I think I get who he hates. The various uninformed lefty windbags who hate America. But those people are rarely secular, and not progressive at all. But when you've resorted to name calling, I suppose accuracy doesn't really matter. I mean secualar means worldly rather than spiritual. That seems like a valid choice people might make. And progressive means moving forward, advancing. Heaven forfend!


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