Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Hate Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yes, I do. They had the guy who supposedly invented this day on the radio, and I've got news for him: a Lucky Charms accent with "arrr" thrown in isn't talking like a pirate. I'm not exactly sure what is correct, I just know that isn't. You demean yourself, the Irish, breakfast and pirates in continuing this idiocy.

On the Penn radio show the other day, Penn was talking about the Pope's recent PR disaster for having quoted some arcane text. Then it got into the discussion of whether Islam was an inherently violent religion. And I think that sort of discussion misses the real issue. It doesn't matter. Religion is one person telling other people what to do. Usually with some basis in a book somewhere written a long time ago.

An analog of the current situation, as I see it, is the KKK of the early to mid 1900s. They grew in power, teaching a perverted version of Christianity, to the detriment of anyone who wasn't exactly their type. They ruled with violence anf fear, and regular people were too busy with their own lives to do much but try not to offend the nuts. But whitey, Christianity, Indiana or the cross insurance industry aren't to blame for the KKK, the nuts in charge were. They preached hate and induced others to commit hateful acts. That's who is to blame.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much. What happens when a kid gets caught sneaking cookies out of the cookie jar? Does he say, when confronted, "I just felt like having one"? Probably not. He'll come up with a litany of protestations as to why it's perfectly OK for him to do what he's done. He'll try to change the subject, he'll try to deflect blame elsewhere, and maybe he'll lash out. He'll try to manipulate the situation in such a way so that he appears to be the victim. It seems like the same thing "on the mideastern street" as reported. Pope reads from a book, people go nuts. "Oh that pope, what horrible things he says. He drove us to this effigy burning. If only it weren't for him, everything would be fine." Yeah right. The real answer is that the haters (which are going to exist in any society) know what they're doing is wrong, and are trying to justify it to themselves and others. Hate, like misery, loves company.


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