Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Having had pork chops for Thanksgiving dinner, I decided to cook up a turkey breast for myself. All they had at the store were Jennie-O brand, or at least in a size that I felt like purchasing.

Disappointment #1- I thought it would be one large breast. Like a ham, but of turkey. This might be ignorance on my part. But it was a whole ribcage with two small breasts. Contributing to this was the fact that it must have been some barrel chested bird, because it wouldn't sit in the pan properly.

Disappointment #2- Included in the package was a convenient gravy pack. I can dig that, plenty of people like their gravy/stuffing tasting of organ meat. Not me, but I understand it. No, this was just a pint of the equivalent of canned turkey gravy.

So I paid for a ribcage and 8oz of brown flour water. With some meat attached. Which leads me to...

Disappointment #3- I knew it was going to be unimpressive given the brand available, but this thing was awful. Yes, I cooked it properly. Or close enough, at least. I dispensed with the various multi-temperature skin crisping methods, so the skin was unimpressive. But I don't really care about that. I care about juicy, flavorful meat. Oh, I got juicy, having cooked by temperature- cook it until it's about 160, and it runs up to 160-170 during the resting period. But it tasted like... nothing. Just flavorless. I would have been more satisfied getting a pound of chicken loaf from the deli and dumping turkey gravy on it.

Next time, I'm going to a butcher and getting a proper heirloom turkey. Or, if necessary, shooting one. I bet I can find a rafter of turkeys along the Cal-Sag, right?

But I did cook up some green bean casserole and Mom's stuffing recipe. That hit the spot.


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