Saturday, January 27, 2007


I've successfully recreated one of my favorite all time dishes. On my first try, if I do say so myself.

Pepe's Chili con Queso. It is easy as anything.


One can La Preferida Mild Enchilada Sauce.

One can regular, condensed, Campbell's Tomato Soup (low sodium) (Important!)

One package V&V Supremo Chihuahua cheese. Substitute with any melty, stringy cheese. I bet Monterrey Jack would be nice. Cut into strips, french-fry sized.

A package of rustic-style tortilla chips. The thicker the better for these purposes.

Combine the soup (undiluted) and sauce in saucepan with a 1/4 cup water. To taste, really. Bring to simmer. Place a good sized lump of cheese in the bottom of a bowl. Pour the mixture onto the cheese, melting it. Dip the chips into the sauce and try to get a nice glob of cheese.

(PS- Did you know that Campbell's sells seeds?)


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