Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time, Amok

So I was watching some Star Trek last evening, and I found it to be hilarious. First, complaining- why is channel 23 repeating episodes of the show before having gone though all the episodes first? It's only been on for six months or so- they haven't gone through them all already. Anyway, this is the episode where they all catch a virus and their more base emotions come out. Sulu running around de-shirted yelling "Richelieu!", Spock crying about Mommy, Kirk getting horny for the Enterprise. Etc. So, they need to refire the engines in an unorthodox manner which gets them out of trouble, but also causes them to be running backwards in time. This will have never been done- nobody had ever gone that fast nor gone back in time. So, they throttle down and watch the chronometer cease running backwards and returns them to our dimension. The funny part is that when the clock starts going forwards again, a red light on the clock turns green. So, like all good 23rd century engineers, the designers of the Enterprise built in a dummy light for when time starts going backwards. That's comedy. And, I think, something I'm going to demand be included in any clock I buy from now on.

Also, I'm catching up on reruns of Mythbusters. I love seeing these things get done, I just wish they were a little more careful with the science and the logic. They test and retest ridiculous minutiae, and then when they start getting low on time they just punt and call their experiment "good enough" and make a proclamation.

Also, confidential to the voice over guy:

1) In the US, 'been' is not pronounced 'bean'.
2) Please stop repeating everything every character says. I know they're trying to cram 22 minutes of material into 44 minutes, but please.
3) 'Methane' is pronounced 'meh-thane'. Not 'MEE-thane'. Those skinny tatooed freaks outside the 7-11 aren't called meeth-heads...
4) It's pronounced "Van de Graff generator." Not "Van der Graff generator." The former is a device that creates static charge, the latter is a 1970's prog rock band.


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