Sunday, May 06, 2007

File under: Here's What They Should Do

I'm watching the Cubs game, and looking at the various monstrosities they've turned the various roofdecks into. I say whoever buys the team and Wrigley Field should also buy all of the properties lining the outfields, and install proper, sanctioned Cubs seating. Wrigley Field has the bleachers, and it could also have these seats for sale.

For the uninitiated, the ballpark can't be expanded because there are streets in the way, and the roofdecks used to be a quaint neighborhood thing. Dudes with no shirts on grilling burgers on the Weber. Now the buildings are merely shells for the bleachers installed on the roofs, and the property owners sell tickets. Well, let's do it up right. C'mon Sam Zell, give Chicago what it wants.


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