Monday, July 02, 2007

Random complaints

1) Why does Firefox (or websites?) keep losing my persistent logon information? I can go months at a time without having to login to Blogger, and now for no reason I had to again.

2) Grammar complaint/question: the pluralness of a verb reflects the pluralness of the object word, no matter whether the object word refers to one of many things, right? For example, in this case:
"The group wants a parakeet."
Wants is correct because it's one group. As opposed to for example (quoting from Newsweek):
"In the last few weeks, Cheney's staff have unexpectedly become more active participants in[...]"
In this case, 'staff' is being treated as a plural, even though staff is one thing. For that sentence to be correct (in my estimation), it should be like this:
In the last few weeks, members of Cheney's staff have unexpectedly become more active participants in[...]
or this
In the last few weeks, Cheney's staff has unexpectedly participated more actively in [...]
I've also seen more egregious examples where a company becomes plural (or there is an implied "the people at" in front of the name:
"Now that Apple have released the iPhone, what will be the next big thing?"
Seems like a British thing.

2b) I hereby proclaim that the word "an" rather than "a" in front of a word beginning with "h" is only correct if the "h" is silent.
"Hang up your coat on an hanger."
Is silly, and is painful to write, hear and say. It's fine if you are feigning a cockney accent. And in that case, you have to write it like this:
"I got an 'istory lesson in an 'ouse owned by an 'onorable gent named 'enry."
Because "an" only goes before vowel sounds (yech- I just pictured Sarah Vowel) because of English's run-on pronunciation thing we've got going.

3) Would someone please add a comment so that I know this works? Thank you.


At Tuesday, July 3, 2007 10:22:00 AM CDT, Anonymous The Drizzle said...

Don't quit your day job.


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