Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On reality not matching behavior

Or something like that. I was in a public bathroom today, and I was contemplating the good senator's behavior. I was thinking about how creepy the various dance moves and finger gestures were, and how I'd react to a similar situation, and I stumbled upon what I think the crux of the issue is. And that is this: the whole situation is artificial. If I'm sitting there and another fellow peeks into the stall multiple times, for multiple minutes as the police officer in question says the senator did, I think I'd say something. Wouldn't any reasonable person do that if someone was overtly looking into the stall?

Or at least any reasonable person who wasn't trolling for hot man-on-man action? Like all mating rituals, each step builds on the previous and each step only occurs if you get positive reaction from the previous. So, when senator funnypants looks into the stall as it's claimed that he did, two things can happen. Someone who isn't interested says something or at least makes an uninviting face back. And then the troller moves on. But in this case, since the cop was looking to catch somebody, he encouraged (or at least didn't discourage) and furthered "the dance".

I'd guess it's non-entrapment entrapment. I think they call it a honey-pot? Same thing with prostitution busts and the internet stings. The actions of these stings only artificially increase the supply of victims/participants in these sorts of activities.

What does sitting a cop in a stall to wait for perverts do that having a uniformed cop making the rounds wouldn't? Except, of course, that the police in question get to make arrests rather than the harder to measure "keeping the peace"?

Similarly, wouldn't it be more effective to have a "pervert" button inside the Instant Messengers where real children that are getting hit on by creeps can hit the button and it will make a report to the police and the the police can actually contact the pervert and warn them that their actions are not OK and/or illegal?


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