Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Another grand experiment!

I've got the digital camera that will accept either a CRV3 battery, OR two AA batteries. I've been using the Energizer e2 Lithium batteries and they've been fantastic. They are a bit pricey (cheapest price for four I've seen is $8.50), but they last tremendously. There are various technical reasons for this, chief of which being that the camera draws a tremendous amount of power in short bursts, and that kills regular alkaline or heavy-duty batteries. In a previous experiment, I installed a couple heavy-duties and they lasted FIVE photos before showing the battery low indicator. Regular brand-name alkaline batteries lasted quite a few more, but the lithiums can last hundreds of shots. *

But, as I said, they're expensive. I feel they are worth it, but I'm looking for a cheaper alternative. So I've purchased some Energizer NiMH Rechargeables. It was $20 for four AAs and a charger. Once they charge up, I'll see how they perform and report back.

What would be awesome would be rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in AA and AAA form factors, but I suspect that would be both expensive and fraught with peril.

* Lithiums are also much lighter and operate at temperatures low enough to kill regular batteries, and they have a much lower self-discharge rate. The stale battery problem.


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