Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Forest for the trees...

The "tribal left" is going insane with the Rush Limbaugh thing, and what he meant, and the meaning of the plural s. Just like they did with the Dan Rather phony document thing and font types and typewriter styles.

a) Who cares what Rush says, he is just a shock jock.

b) How many people heard what he said and the context thereof? Or are they just jumping on something that seems to look bad because they want to belong?

c) The problem is that our soldiers are getting killed. Anything else is obfuscation or irrelevant.

(On the radio the other day, I heard someone asking the White House spokesperson why we invaded Iraq if there weren't any WMDs. And the spokesperson said "Hussein defied 17 UN resolutions." I thought the GOP was against the UN?


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