Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Really Surprised

That both Guiliani and Edwards are going to drop out so early. Is it early? Seems early. I enjoyed Edwards' "Kenneth from 30 Rock" southern likability. And I was really surprised that Rudy wasn't more of a force in the GOP. I mean, there is a lot of dislike for him out there, but I honestly thought he was going to be a force. I guess it just shows that that old saw is true, "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear just by destroying portions of a major US city". He was "America's Mayor" for that time, and you can't take that away from him. You also can't take away his brief desire to suspend elections and remain mayor indefinitely, or his mis-tout of Bernie Kerik, or his association with suspect middle eastern royals and businessmen, or his early career as a pit bull, or his bad behavior during his divorces. (I know ones private life is supposed to be that, but he filed for divorce on live tv and abandoned Gracie Mansion. That's the behavior of an underhanded twerp. Frankly, lying about a blowjob pales in comparison on the spectrum of forthrightness.)

(I guess I will have to retract my prediction that after the 06 midterms, Cheney would resign for medical reasons and that Rudy would be appointed Veep and successor. It seemed like a very Karl Rove like move.)

Predictions/random comments:
  • B-rock will get the Dem nomination, and Romney will get the GOP.
  • On Monday, Hillary will drop some sort of characteristic 11h hour bomb on Barak, but it won't work. Barely.
  • I'm really disappointed in Bill Clinton for engaging in politics the way he is. As an ex-president, he should have just a little detachment from the processes. He may well be fullfilling a bargain with her, but still. Comparing Barak Obama to Jesse Jackson? Low.
  • Dream team: if somehow the fates aligned to put Barak and McCain on the same ticket, and somehow winning. Pres and veep, kicking ass and taking names. They would be like a political Chuck Norris.


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