Monday, February 04, 2008

Thom Brady

Ha! Suck on that, clown.

Is there a word for ultra-schadenfreude? Enjoying the fact that one is enjoying the misfortune of others? Or is it even schadenfreude at all if one believes it's not misfortune at all, but a cessation of undue good fortune? A showing of true colors?

That's right, I don't like any of them. I don't like cheating, I don't like bending rules, I don't like whining, I don't like hooded sweatshirts with cut off sleeves on grown men who aren't cleaning fish for a living. I don't like giving up with one second left.

I'm watching the game, right at the end there, and Brady has something like 35 seconds left with which to attempt to win the game. Now, I get the don't let the pressure get to you thing. But look at his face- there was no color. Was his heart pumping at all? He was yellow! Looked like my grandfather right before he went in for the quintuple bypass. You have to get it up a little bit when you still have a chance to not give up the biggest upset in the history of football. Get the blood pressure into the triple digits at least. Act like you care!

And that's why I'm glad the Giants won. Good for them.

EDIT- In response to a comment from CSO. I agree with you, in principle. Were it the Steelers, Colts or even the Packers, I'd be right there looking for the historic achievement. But not in this case. For me, the character of a team matters as much or more than the name on their helmets.

Their success isn't why I dislike them, it's how they play the game. Brady and Belichik are jerks, and I don't like it when jerks succeed. And I really don't like it when talented people cheat. They didn't need to do what they did, but they did it anyway.

So upon sober reflection, no, I'm not feeling schadenfreude at all. I am pleased to see an underdog win against stacked odds, and I'm pleased to see jerks lose.


At Monday, February 4, 2008 6:23:00 PM CST, Anonymous cso said...

It is the American way to tear down those at the pinnacle of success. And I find it disingenious.

The Pats, like other teams in the past, had an opportunity for greatness last night - greatness we haven't seen since 1972. Greatness that last night was a hard fight.

I would have supported the chance for a 19-0 season no matter who it was. I have never understood people's attachments to sports teams...but to be happy for their downfall -- and to use their success as a reason to cheer their failure -- is pathetic.

At Monday, February 4, 2008 8:10:00 PM CST, Blogger gc said...

And I guess I feel bad for all the Pats fans out there. I'm sure it was disappointing.


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