Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why is so bad?

"The laser that runs the show [in Blu-ray players] is a very high-power laser," notes Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron. That laser is one of the main things that conspire to raise power consumption.
No. Not really at all. If the laser was using that much power, it would probably melt a hole through the computer. No, the other reason they state is more true, that it takes a lot more computing power to decode HDTV than SDTV. Even still, the whole premise is idiotic. This technology is BRAND NEW, and the only thing that's wrong is that it uses more power? Shut up. Sort of like buying a sports car and expecting it to get 45 MPG. You can't have everything.


At Sunday, March 2, 2008 4:22:00 PM CST, Blogger cljo said...

Your overall question is definitely a reasonable question. I've never bothered to put on my RSS feed, yet I'll definitely pick up the magazine when on a flight. The quality differential is huge.


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