Friday, April 04, 2008

Breaking the Democratic quagmire -

I hate when CNN does this. Their link on the main page pointing to this
story was "Can anyone broker a deal between Democrats?" But the
headline on the article page is what appears in the subject line.

Anyway. Can anyone do it? Sure. Should they? No.

Give the people their say, count those votes and see who wins. No
above-board brokering, and for sure no behind the scenes brokering.
People expect their votes to count, and will feel disenfranchised if the
vote goes one way and the convention another. The reality that the
votes in a primary don't really count doesn't matter to your average voter.

What's the best way to make the Democratic party seem even more
ridiculous to the middle of the road voter? Make it seem like the party
is in even more disarray than it already seems- let someone who is not
the favorite among primary voters get the nomination. Neither Clinton
nor Obama can overcome that, I don't think.

This is my plea to the two parties- come up with a different primary
system altogether. I'd like to see some kind of non-instant runoff
voting. I don't like the idea that early primaries have so much power,
and I don't like the idea that the later primaries and convention are
either irrelevant or over-relevant. Split the country into four
cohorts, and have four primaries over 8 weeks. Then have the
conventions, where the remaining candidates plead their case. Maybe
they form a coalition and emerge with a ticket. If not, have a
nationwide post-convention vote two weeks later where the two highest
vote-getters on both sides compete head to head for the nomination.


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