Monday, April 07, 2008

Quick Shots!

* Hey, the Chicago White Sox *already* have a longer winning streak
this season than they did all of last year.
* I was never a big ballgame on the radio listener guy. I think I
started getting a little into it the year the Cubs made it to the
playoffs. (Not last year.) But I've become a fan. Pat and Ron are
insane (Santo said something today about how too many bananas will plug
you up, and the other day Pat mentioned the fifth anniversary of Ron
Santo standing up for the National Anthem and setting his toupee on
fire. You don't get that just anywhere. Thanks Ronnie!) And new this
year, Steve Stone on with Ed Farmer. Yeah, it's a bit of a pitching
clinic, but that's a lot of years of baseball playing and broadcasting
experience. And Stoney used his famous "and for all you youngsters out
there, there's a lesson of how not to throw a guy out."
* I think I have taco poisoning.


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