Friday, May 09, 2008

Comment feed added

While I'm waiting for the water heater to be "fixed", I wasted time trying to get the feed for comments working here. Success! See the right panel.

The link looks like this:

That's because even though the content of this blog is hosted elsewhere, the comments are still hosted by blogger.

To create a link for your own blog (or to subscribe to the comments of any other blog without a published link), go to your blog main page and right-click one of the "add comment" links, and choose "copy link location" (or similar). It will look like this:

Paste it into Notepad and strip out everything but the number after "blog ID=" and then everything after that number, including the ampersand.

Separating it out, it looks like this:

Delete all of this -->
Keep this -----------> 6646151
Delete this too -----> &postID=6892329246426633952&isPopup=true

The number may be significantly longer- as long as you get that other stuff out of there, you're good.

Then copy the first link I provided and paste it into the same Notepad. Place your number where mine is, and then copy the whole thing to your clipboard.

Next, go into your template and add that link where you want it to appear. If you search the text for a line that is this:

<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsVertical$></p>
<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsHorizontal$></p>

That's where it generates this:
Subscribe to
Comments [Atom]
Add the link you created just below that. This is what I put in my template (remembering that you have to change the number to yours):

<p id="commentfeed">
<a href="">Subscribe to Comments</a> </p>

And, disco!


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