Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comsumer feedback!

Written, by me, to Dunkin Donuts:
I read today where you removed an advertisement based on the complaining of Michelle Malkin. I find your kow-towing to a ridiculous blogger far more offensive than any picture of a scarf could possibly be. She (and others like her) makes her living by creating controversy where none exists in order to gain readership and expand her ego. It is disappointing that Dunkin Donuts fell for her act. Certainly doesn't make me want to patronize your stores.


At Friday, May 30, 2008 10:41:00 PM CDT, Blogger gc said...

It would be nice if I spelled it right.

At Saturday, May 31, 2008 11:46:00 AM CDT, Blogger cljo said...

Well done. I read about this while in NOLA. Now I know why I don't read the paper while on vacation.


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