Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Stimulus payment and tax refunds received! Right to the credit card!

My good-American rationale is that while I'm not in a tremendous amount of debt, I am in some. I do long term investments like 401k (though based on my last statement, it should really be called a 350k - this stock-market downturn joke brought to you be Chuck Schwab- Chuck won't give you your money back either!) and mortgaging instead of renting. But aside from that, I'm pretty much paycheck to paycheck. So the credit card is buffer- I'm making more than I spend overall, and am thus on the right track, but in some past years I wasn't. It's an amazing money-math thing to see happen: go a few years simply spending $500 more than you make over the entire year (we're talking $40-50 a month) and watch it build. A cautionary tale in the dangers of bad budgeting and poor self-control.

Anyway. My point is. While I'm being un-American by depriving the CC company of this interest, I AM giving them their money back which they can lend to some other sucker who will give them their interest. So a net-zero to the economy. And I will now have that much less interest to pay per month with which to spend in a variety of stimulating ways.


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