Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chicago to start crosswalk stings next week,0,7822062.story

OK, but will they also be ticketing pedestrians who don't follow the rules?  Like the average of 5 people I almost kill everytime I'm downtown because they are jaywalking or crossing against the light?

How about adjusting the walk don't walk lights so drivers have half a chance at making a legal turn?  Why should traffic get backed up because some jerk dragging a suitcase on tiny wheels can't wait his turn?


At Monday, June 9, 2008 9:05:00 AM CDT, Anonymous cso said...

Wait - so they are ticketing the drivers? They should ALSO ticket idiotic pedestrians. Here in DC we have those count down machines -- works a hell of a lot better than a blinking orange symbol.

This is a dumb idea built on a very faulty and dangerous assumption-- that cars come around the corner at the speed limit. The article said officers will start walking when the cars are 30 feet away because that gives time for cars to slow to a stop if going the speed limit. How likely (high!) that the cars will be going beyond the speed limit? I foresee at least one officer being struck during these stings.
Lastly, do i get a ticket if the person is in the cross walk but in the other lane and walking away from my car (towards the opposite sidewalk) - or do I have to wait until the person is completly out of the cross walk?

At Monday, June 9, 2008 9:48:00 AM CDT, Blogger gc said...

Most downtown intersections now have the countdown timers. However, they count down to the yellow light. If a pedestrian misjudges it, they are in live traffic. And the yellow is not long enough for the cars to complete their turn before cross traffic starts.

During high traffic times, Chicago has "traffic aides" that direct traffic. They will often direct people to complete their turn when there is a pedestrian directly in the car's path. If you wait until the pedestrian is out of your way, they start yelling. Pure chaos.

I'm *guessing* that they are only out to get the cars who cut off a pedestrian who is beginning their cross, not the ones who proceed after a pedestrian is out of the way. But who knows? An officer on this detail is probably going to want to make sure he writes enough tickets to look like he's not just out there to ogle the spring fashions.


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