Tuesday, June 10, 2008

'Hey, get out of the street' -- Update to Pedestrian Story

Points of note:

  • Click the title of the post for the Tribune story.

  • It's not downtown: The area they are in IS notoriously bad for all modes of transport. And/but there are tons of uncontrolled intersections. If a car is rocking along in traffic at 25 or 30 and some guy appears in the middle of the street, it is hard to judge whether some guy in the street is a nut, AND if you can safely stop to let him through. Lacking a painted crosswalk and/or a traffic control device, I'm not stopping for anyone unless they are directly in my path. The "all pedestrians have the right of way" law is fine, but we need to understand the social contract- you can't just walk into traffic and expect to world to yield to your whim.

  • It's also coincidentally where the governor lives. (I've slightly obfuscated the location ("F"). While I believe it's publicly available information, I don't want any hassles. I will say this- I was in the area on business during the snowy season, and his were the only sidewalks that were uncleared. Classy.)

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  • More: what happened to "look both ways before you cross"? This is just a snapshot, but a responsible pedestrian doesn't walk into the middle of traffic as is depicted here:


    At Wednesday, June 11, 2008 6:49:00 AM CDT, Anonymous cso said...

    The cynic in me sees the summer stings as money generators...101 people stopped for citations -- turn that into actual tickets and ka-ching.


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