Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another customer complaint letter!

This time to Costco:

I have a couple of comments regarding a recent visit to your store in Orland Park, IL.

First, the store was clean and friendly. Thank you!

Second, I was surprised and disappointed in the packaging choices of many of your products. It struck me when I was looking at the pens/pencils/markers- except for the cheaper Paper-Mate pens, they are all packaged in huge plastic clamshell style containers. Seriously, 12 pens in a 10 inch by 15 inch plastic package? In some cases, it seemed like there was more packaging than product! What happened to a little box with a dozen pens in it? Same for a lot of the other products- I'm remembering a Panasonic phone system in a two foot by three foot floppy clamshell thing? Seems like a lot of plastic that the customer has to throw away, and a lot of air that you are paying to ship around.

(And, not for nothing, the "display" type of boxes these plastic clamshells are shipped in are useless for using to pack up our purchases for taking home- after checking out, the big dumpster of boxes was full of useless boxes.)

Third, and maybe this is just me, but I tend to prefer buying my bulk products in normal sizes. For example, I bought cases of normal sized cans of tunafish and tomato paste. Or the 36 packs of Pepsi cans. I suspect many customers would prefer that as well- I just can't use a gallon of mayonnaise. But I'd buy a four pack of those 16 ounce squeeze things in a heartbeat.

Fourth, in your mens clothing section, there was a table of blue jeans- I think they were cargo/carpenter pants- and they smelled. I couldn't identify the smell, but it was sort of a musty and bug spray kind of thing. Eew.

Fifth, I absolutely love the Kirkland brand white undershirts. You guys have somehow hit on the perfect cotton blend and shirt design! Thank you! It would be nice to see them in a V-neck variety also.

Thanks for letting me share my concerns, and I wait with interest to hear your comments!


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