Saturday, August 09, 2008

South Sider, actor Bernie Mac, dies at 50,mac080908.article

That's a shame.  I really respected and liked his "The Bernie Mac Show".  He didn't go for the cheap racist comedy like so many other shows still do.  George Lopez, I'm talking about you.  In fact, in that regard, his show was a step above "The Cosby Show", where white people were occasionally stereotyped.  I watched a good many of the episodes, and I don't remember ever seeing a stereotype of any kind, ever (*).  It simply showed the spectrum of people and how they lived and got along.  With Carl Reiner as Carl Reiner, the wacky neighbor.

(*)  OK, I suppose there was one, sort of.  But it was a hilarious conflation of two stereotypes- the Irish priest principal of their school who acted like some kind of mob enforcer.


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