Monday, January 19, 2009

For internet posterity and google searches

Want to set up a remote desktop connection to a remote machine? But do you also want to have non-standard desktop sizing that isn't available in the menus? Two ways to accomplish this:

1- open up a command window and invoke mstsc with switches. The following will, for example, open up a wide screen window:
mstsc /w:1280 /h:720

2- Want to create a shortcut file to be able to connect to this session quickly? You could create a long mstsc command with all manner of switches. Or, open up mstsc, configure the session how you want it (ignoring for the moment that you can't specify your custom resolution), and save the RDP file where you want it. Then, open the rdp file with notepad, and you will see the various options. Change the screen resolution to what you want it to be and save it. Bingo!

(Note: I don't know what this does to the console session- I'm only using it to connect to a "headless" machine, so I don't care what happens to the console session.)


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