Sunday, April 30, 2006

The longest 25 minutes in television!

It's "The Router Workshop" on PBS, with father and son routing team, Bob and Rick Rosendahl. If you have a spare moment, give it a watch. It's glorious. Follow that up with a little "Woodwright's Shop" or "American Woodshop", my personal favorite. This guy did an episode where he built a small jewelry box in front of an audience, outdoors. He talked nonstop for the entire half hour. It was a work of beauty. Pure folksy "charm".

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Plaid patch Fedora!

Product Link!

Obligatory sound!

I do not approve of this current trend of plaid! It renders my closet of vintage plain improperly ironic...

Why does Mommy like the funny chair so much?

Hula Chair!

Hilarious warning message!

Goddamned passwords! Every foray into a website, especially work stuff that I only go to once a year or two, is a nightmare of password forgetting and recovery.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

To quote myself:

God damn, that orange juice works good. I had been suffering a sore throat for a week and a half, that sort of pre-illness thing one gets. I went to McDonald's for breakfast, and almost without paying attention, ordered a large OJ. Now, a mere 7 hours later, the throat is GONE. Good stuff. Cures what ails you.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

How to mix things with other things

In Japanese! There can't possibly this much to learn.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Governor Convicted!

I liked this guy. I honestly believe that he never would have been indicted had he not commuted those death sentences. He pissed off a LOT of law and order types, and many law enforcement people believe that his act was a personal smite against them. But you (meaning the State) can't kill people unless you're 100% sure you are killing the right guy. The governor wasn't 100% sure of that, so he didn't. And now he's going to jail.

But I heard a guy on tv (unimpeachable source as always) say that one of the jury instructions was that if they believed that Ryan stuck his head in the sand ("the ostrich defense", he said) and ignored signs of corruption, that he would be guilty. That seems a little loose, but maybe not. Doesn't make him a good governor, perhaps. Seems like you have to ignore a lot of things to get elected to anything.

I must have one of these:

Thermo-Cut Tape Gun. It's a tape gun that doesn't have those annoying and near-useless blades. The only improvement I can imagine would be one that cuts the tape with a laser, rather than what I imagine to be a heat element that gets messy quickly.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Plainsman says...

No! I do not believe Fusco got a nosejob. Nice hair there, Mr. 1990.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

+1 GC!

I've already had the mumps! Up yours, virus!

(Of course, if that diagnosis was in error, I'm damning myself to fever, headache, swollen salivary glands under the jaw, hearing loss, meningitis and fertility-diminishing swollen testicles.)

More seriously, I thought the MMR vaccine included mumps protection? Why are all these people getting it?

Friday, April 14, 2006

PBS Handsome Fest!

Friday's Roundtable on Chicago Tonight is never particularly fetching, and tonight was no exception. Pretty bad when Chris Fusco is the prettiest girl at the ball.

Flannery is obviously some kind of burn victim, so I won't make fun. But I think the white collar with colored shirt thing went out in 1989 for dudes, dude.

If the Emperor's name was Levine instead of Palpatine, and if he sounded like Kip Dynamite...

Bruce Levine is best known as the question asker on this tape. I was ignorant to what a purpose pitch was until recently- it is a pitcher hitting a batter on purpose. I love how bent out of shape the manager gets in the tape. Note to self: the word "liason" never wins an argument.

Hand Check!

She's got an exotic thing going on that's almost hot. Almost. Bleach the 'stache and shape those caterpillers, at least.

Mr. Blackwell

Good stuff, part II

I need to save more money before I can even think about playing with the market, but I really am liking this Jim Cramer guy. GC's Rule #2 of Life, the Universe and Everything (#1 being it's ok to plagiarize if it's blatant), is that everything makes sense, there's no such thing as voodoo. And if somebody can't explain something, especially their own trade, they are practicing voodoo. Jim Cramer explains the stock market in a way that makes sense, and that makes me believe he knows his shit.

Good stuff!

The winter has finally broken. Yesterday and today were muggy, warm days over 80. Feels good.

Beginning tomorrow, I will be complaining about the heat.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Worst Radio Station Imaging Ever

And I'm including K-Swalve's "107.86 The Mushroom- Grand Rapids' New Hot Moldies and Speaker Testing Tones USA" in that list.


Monday, April 10, 2006


Ads from 1984.

Another one, with some non-included features. The Aids menu! And, ever the snappy dresser, Bill Gates!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Market!

That darn Jim Cramer and his radio show has got me itchin' to jump into the stock market. Sadly, I'd only be able to buy one share of one company at a time, but I remain confident. Does anyone have experience with the online brokers?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I must have this!

This belongs in my living room.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'll take two!

The hardest working robot of the late 20th century. Cheap at any price!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


I was looking through my foldin' money to see whether I needed to hit the ATM, when I came upon a crumpled one of these. "That's not real money," I thought. How did I let someone give me a paper Tooney? (It's much more orange in real life.) Alternately, I figured some plucky counterfeiter had designed his own bill in order to fool people. What led to this line of thought was the fact that it is a Series 2004 bill. That's a little strange. Thankfully, I was wrong. Because I was already mentally playing out the trip back to Starbucks to have the "you gave me counterfeit money" conversation. It wasn't going to go well.


Looks like Jarrod is gaining the weight back...

Waste of time!

I just spent far too much time and psychic energy beating Wizards and Warriers. The computer hooked up to the tv, a NES emulator and a USB controller, and I may never leave the house again.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Why do I do it? Every year I spend uncountable hours detailing (which I have to do anyway) and tallying (here's the uncountable) my mileage for work. I am reimbursed, but in a different way that can allow me to have tax-deductible expenses, depending. This year I knew it was looking good. I came up with about 700 worth of stuff and commenced to form-filling-out. I get all done, and then am surprised to find that there is an income test as to whether you can deduct this stuff. Which I didn't pass. Bastards!

Also, I found this sentence in the 1040 Instruction book, and found it amusing. "Certain whaling captains may be able to deduct expenses paid in 2005 for Native Alaskan subsistence bowhead whale hunting activities. See Pub 526 for details."

Good stuff

Each photo is more hilarious than the next.