Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Real Ultimate Power!

Seems there is a problem with Microsoft Excel 2007 where any calculation that would result in 65,535 (which is 2^16 or 11111111 11111111) comes up 100,000. Or, in other words, wrong.


There is "proof" on Youtube. This one makes no sense, and this one is ridiculously small. But it appears to be true.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Hey Windows Users!

Here's the problem that I have. I'll be using the laptop and have Firefox running. I'll walk away to do something, and sometimes the computer will hibernate because that battery will have run down. My problem is that if Thunderbird is running, it gets angry. For whatever reason, it doesn't like to be hibernated-at for me.

So, to solve the problem, I researched and found the following command:


Its job is to kill programs from the command line. In the power area of the control panel, one of the tabs is for alarms. One of the options is to run a specified program at shutdown time. So, I put this

"C:\windows\system32\taskkill.exe" /im thunderbird.exe

in there. Worked wonderfully! Now thunderbird gets shut down prior to the hibernation and does not get angry with me when I restart the computer.

Can you prove this isn't Ahmadinejad?

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I haven't been in the mood for commenting (complaining) on the world lately. Now I am:

  • Way to go, political leaders. That Ahmadinejad fellow wants to visit the WTC site, and everyone starts rending their garments. We don't know what's in his heart, so if he wants to pay respect, we should let him. Show him the videos and pictures of suffering humanity and maybe we all learn a little something about how to better solve our differences. Instead, we add a further wedge. Good job, idiots.

  • Moveon.org? Shut up, you're not helping. You don't know anything, and all you are doing is adding to the din of "them versus us" politics. The president is responsible for Iraq, criticize his policies, motivations and management. Going after his subordinates as if they have the authority to change policy is silly.

  • Jesse Jackson- you aren't relevant, you are a racist and you should really just fade away. Barack Obama isn't black enough? What does that mean? What should he do to become more black? I can't imagine a positive, non-racist answer to that question.

  • I love the new truck commercials where they show pick up trucks doing ridiculous things. For my money, the originals are the best- a big ol' Toyota on a giant apparatus using its brakes to stop it from flying off of a cliff. But stopping a freight train with the fully boxed frame and dropping a Ford out the back of a cargo plane and then using said Ford to stop the plane is pretty awesome too.

  • I strongly protest the decrease in the usage of the verb "to be". The fender doesn't need sanded, it needs to be sanded. Learn the language!

  • There is a brand of smokeless tobacco ("chaw" or "chewin' terbackee") called Cope. Hilarious!

  • I've got aphids on my pepper plants!

  • Thursday, September 13, 2007



    You can't cross your legs in an aircraft seat, so keep that in mind when you wear outfits that might allow you to accidentally flash the vajayjay to the flight attendants.

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    On reality not matching behavior

    Or something like that. I was in a public bathroom today, and I was contemplating the good senator's behavior. I was thinking about how creepy the various dance moves and finger gestures were, and how I'd react to a similar situation, and I stumbled upon what I think the crux of the issue is. And that is this: the whole situation is artificial. If I'm sitting there and another fellow peeks into the stall multiple times, for multiple minutes as the police officer in question says the senator did, I think I'd say something. Wouldn't any reasonable person do that if someone was overtly looking into the stall?

    Or at least any reasonable person who wasn't trolling for hot man-on-man action? Like all mating rituals, each step builds on the previous and each step only occurs if you get positive reaction from the previous. So, when senator funnypants looks into the stall as it's claimed that he did, two things can happen. Someone who isn't interested says something or at least makes an uninviting face back. And then the troller moves on. But in this case, since the cop was looking to catch somebody, he encouraged (or at least didn't discourage) and furthered "the dance".

    I'd guess it's non-entrapment entrapment. I think they call it a honey-pot? Same thing with prostitution busts and the internet stings. The actions of these stings only artificially increase the supply of victims/participants in these sorts of activities.

    What does sitting a cop in a stall to wait for perverts do that having a uniformed cop making the rounds wouldn't? Except, of course, that the police in question get to make arrests rather than the harder to measure "keeping the peace"?

    Similarly, wouldn't it be more effective to have a "pervert" button inside the Instant Messengers where real children that are getting hit on by creeps can hit the button and it will make a report to the police and the the police can actually contact the pervert and warn them that their actions are not OK and/or illegal?

    Saturday, September 01, 2007


    The folks who claim that Star Trek: Deep Space 9 is the best Star Trek (and thus hate Enterprise and Voyager) aren't really fans of Star Trek.

    A Labor Day Miracle!

    Just enjoyed three hot dogs and a bowl of chili, while watching "Team America".