Monday, November 26, 2007


Can I tell you that I'm enjoying the Christina Applegate show "Sam Who?" It's a ridiculous premise (she got amnesia and is re-learning about herself, and running into the results of her past self's meanness), but I think I like that. The viewer is unburdened with the conceit of the show and free to roll with the punches. Like "The Munsters" or "Mr. Ed". Anyway, it's a funny show without an overpowering sweetness. Give it a watch, if only to see how good of an actress Kelly Bundy has turned into.

(I briefly considered changing the paradigm of the blog to one where it was a diary to an unknown person named Steve. Written in first person, to him. Like "Steve, have you been blah blah blah". Awful.)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


We learned today from Matt Lauer and Drew Peterson that he and Stacy Peterson have a daughter named Lacy. Lacy Peterson. They named their child after a woman whose husband murdered her and then disposed of her in the ocean.

I have a feeling that the only difference here is that Stacy is now part of the 355 extension along with that Lisa Stebic girl.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


With all due respect to everyone, this OLPC thing seems like a waste of resources to me.

A few weeks ago, Taco Bell did a hunger drive kind of thing, and for $10 you can feed a hungry person for a month. If I'm hungry, I'll trade my laptop for a sandwich.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Political Comments

What is with these people?

1) Rudy Giuliani says that supporting Kerik was a mistake? Does that mean he thinks he shouldn't have supported him, or that more nebulous "oops I got caught" mistake?

2) Was reading an interview of Bill Richardson. It was going along nice until he answered the "why did you vote for the Iraq war in Congress but don't support it now" question with [something like] "it was a mistake to support the war, I did it to support the troops." WHAT? I support the troops so I'm going to put them in peril? Just a calculated, disrespectful lie. No sale, clown.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Political Prediction!

I was enjoying a McRib in a brand-new McDonald's restaurant earlier today, and CNN was on in the lobby. Lou Dobbs was teasing his show on Wolf Blitzer's show, and the following (synthesized) exchange occurred:

Wolf: Do you think there's the potential for a third party candidate to come in and make some hay in the 2008 election?

Dobbs: You know Wolf, as I've traveled this great country, I've met so many people from the middle class who aren't being represented in Washington. So yes, I do think a third party candidate could be successful next fall.

And based on that, I predict that Dobbs will be running. Everything he's been doing the last couple years could be construed as to be laying the groundwork for some kind of "Center Party".