Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott McClellan's book

A comment I made on Angry Bear:
I can't believe how many people have deigned to criticize the book without having read it (and worse, without intending to read it).

Now, I will do the same: McClellan's job was not to be non-partisan. His job is to be the mouthpiece of the President and his administration. They tell him what their policies, opinions and tone should be and he goes out and says it. So we can't criticize him for failing to ferret out inconsistencies in his employers' statements. And as long as he truly believes that he's being told the truth, and that he himself is telling the truth, he is on solid moral ground.

Also, he did quit. Maybe it says exactly why in the book, I'll read it and find out. But you don't leave a job for no reason- maybe he was starting to feel dissatisfied with the climate in the White House.

You have to cut him some slack- when you are ensconced in a job like that, it becomes difficult to maintain pure objectivity. The Stockholm effect, if you will.

So now he leaves the job and has time to reflect and analyze his time there. And sometimes when you do that, pieces start to fall into place. Maybe he reads some other guy's book or interview that fills in a missing piece. You get that "ah ha" moment- "so *that's* what that meeting was about!" And it becomes clear that what you believed at the time to be the truth was in fact, not.

I think the important lesson of this book is the furthering of the central tragedy of the Bush White House: that Bush isn't all that bad of a guy, and that his failing is that he trusts people too much. I think history will show that he was a pawn. He wanted the full spectrum of information to make decisions from, and his people only gave him what they wanted. And his failure was in trusting them too much and not seeking counsel outside the circle.

(I can't wait for Rumsfeld's book. I hope he's writing one. I think that will be a masterpiece- I think he was one of the lynchpins of the various forces in the government. Remember when he was hired? His mission was to rebuild the DoD. Not fight a war. Or at least, not this war at that time. And nobody can say he's not a smart guy- I bet after he does some similar rethinking, he will be able to put the whole thing together.)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comsumer feedback!

Written, by me, to Dunkin Donuts:
I read today where you removed an advertisement based on the complaining of Michelle Malkin. I find your kow-towing to a ridiculous blogger far more offensive than any picture of a scarf could possibly be. She (and others like her) makes her living by creating controversy where none exists in order to gain readership and expand her ego. It is disappointing that Dunkin Donuts fell for her act. Certainly doesn't make me want to patronize your stores.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yet another example of spin/dishonesty

Tilting at windmills here, of course. Heard on the newsradio today about the California Supreme Court overturning the California ban on same-sex marriages. The expected voices were there, including some guy from (something like) the "Institute of Freedom" who said (something like) "this is just another example of activist judges making law from the bench. Leave the lawmaking to the lawmakers and stick to being judges!"

Except that's exactly what happened: the lawmakers made a law, and the judges judged it. That's how it's supposed to work.

Of all the dangerous things people do and say these days, in my opinion, this meme of distrust in the judicial system spouted off by the right-wingers might be the most dangerous.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Stimulus payment and tax refunds received! Right to the credit card!

My good-American rationale is that while I'm not in a tremendous amount of debt, I am in some. I do long term investments like 401k (though based on my last statement, it should really be called a 350k - this stock-market downturn joke brought to you be Chuck Schwab- Chuck won't give you your money back either!) and mortgaging instead of renting. But aside from that, I'm pretty much paycheck to paycheck. So the credit card is buffer- I'm making more than I spend overall, and am thus on the right track, but in some past years I wasn't. It's an amazing money-math thing to see happen: go a few years simply spending $500 more than you make over the entire year (we're talking $40-50 a month) and watch it build. A cautionary tale in the dangers of bad budgeting and poor self-control.

Anyway. My point is. While I'm being un-American by depriving the CC company of this interest, I AM giving them their money back which they can lend to some other sucker who will give them their interest. So a net-zero to the economy. And I will now have that much less interest to pay per month with which to spend in a variety of stimulating ways.

Bush Quote

Since the content is dynamic, quote cut and pasted here.  Disgraceful.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Comment feed added

While I'm waiting for the water heater to be "fixed", I wasted time trying to get the feed for comments working here. Success! See the right panel.

The link looks like this:

That's because even though the content of this blog is hosted elsewhere, the comments are still hosted by blogger.

To create a link for your own blog (or to subscribe to the comments of any other blog without a published link), go to your blog main page and right-click one of the "add comment" links, and choose "copy link location" (or similar). It will look like this:

Paste it into Notepad and strip out everything but the number after "blog ID=" and then everything after that number, including the ampersand.

Separating it out, it looks like this:

Delete all of this -->
Keep this -----------> 6646151
Delete this too -----> &postID=6892329246426633952&isPopup=true

The number may be significantly longer- as long as you get that other stuff out of there, you're good.

Then copy the first link I provided and paste it into the same Notepad. Place your number where mine is, and then copy the whole thing to your clipboard.

Next, go into your template and add that link where you want it to appear. If you search the text for a line that is this:

<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsVertical$></p>
<p id="blogfeeds"><$BlogFeedsHorizontal$></p>

That's where it generates this:
Subscribe to
Comments [Atom]
Add the link you created just below that. This is what I put in my template (remembering that you have to change the number to yours):

<p id="commentfeed">
<a href="">Subscribe to Comments</a> </p>

And, disco!

Unhappy With 'Confrontational' Image, U.S. Panel Wants King Statue Reworked -

Article Link

Seems about right to me- he was confrontational. That's not a bad thing. I like the realism of it, it reminds the viewer that he wasn't just a loudmouth complaining about perceived injustices. He was leading an impolite but necessary and nonviolent revolution to show the regular folk how the status quo was wrong.

I get what the commission is talking about. But they are wrong- this statue is the modern day equivalent of a statue of a general on a horse, sword lifted toward victory. I think the pen in the one hand might be what tilts it for me- his weapon was his words.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Did Rush Limbaugh Tilt Result In Indiana?

"Limbaugh called off the operation yesterday, saying he wants Obama to be the party's pick, because "I now believe he would be the weakest of the Democrat nominees."

He added: "He can get effete snobs, he can get wealthy academics, he can get the young, and he can get the black vote, but Democrats do not win with that."
In addition to the unions, I thought that's exactly what the Democrat party won with nationally since they lost the South as a bloc...?