Monday, January 19, 2009

For internet posterity and google searches

Want to set up a remote desktop connection to a remote machine? But do you also want to have non-standard desktop sizing that isn't available in the menus? Two ways to accomplish this:

1- open up a command window and invoke mstsc with switches. The following will, for example, open up a wide screen window:
mstsc /w:1280 /h:720

2- Want to create a shortcut file to be able to connect to this session quickly? You could create a long mstsc command with all manner of switches. Or, open up mstsc, configure the session how you want it (ignoring for the moment that you can't specify your custom resolution), and save the RDP file where you want it. Then, open the rdp file with notepad, and you will see the various options. Change the screen resolution to what you want it to be and save it. Bingo!

(Note: I don't know what this does to the console session- I'm only using it to connect to a "headless" machine, so I don't care what happens to the console session.)

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Alright, it's been two months.

Seems like a good time to post a rant.

Dear everyone:

Governor Blagojevich is a crook, apparently. I tend to agree. But, despite all that, he still IS the governor. We don't have to respect the man, but we have to respect the office. At least to the extent that we all voted to have a constitution and that the constitution it gives the office of governor certain duties and responsibilities.

So, like it or not, the guy who holds that office gets to appoint people to Senatorial vacancies. Roland Burris IS the junior senator from Illinois.

"But!" you might exclaim, "the governor was arrested for trying to sell the seat! How can we know it isn't tainted??!"

We can't.

But luckily, that same constitution gives us one of those checks and balances things just for this situation. In fact, for this EXACT situation- if the guy holding the office has done bad things and we don't like it, we have the impeachment process to use to remove him.

However, in their infinite lack of wisdom, the legislature (our elected representatives who we hired to do just this sort of oversight) failed to act in a timely manner. It is, after all, the height of the winter social season and they've got other stuff to do.

So we have only the legislature to blame. Not Burris, blustery goofball that he seems to have become, not Blago, not the US Senate.

The only people who did anything constructive in this whole case are Patrick Fitzgerald, who acted in haste to stop this from happening despite how it might wreck the ultimate case against Blagojevich; Lisa Madigan; and Jesse White. Everyone else in government either could do nothing, or paid lip service.

Note to Harry Reid: You'll accept him if he pledges to not run for re-election? What does that prove?

Note to Roland Burris: If the confused old man thing is an act, please stop. It looks bad.

Note to Pat Quinn: Please stop.