Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another sorely needed post.

1- I find it amusing that the right-wingnuts are showing their true colors. Not interested at all in the hard work of believing in something. Just interested in making sure their side wins. Screaming about how awful socialism is, and then screaming about their mortgage deductions getting cut back. Isn't that socialism? You don't have to pay your fair share of taxes because you happen to be in the right kind of debt? The mortgage deduction is just as much a transfer of wealth as any other government spending- those who don't have mortgages pay more in taxes to subsidize your lower tax bill.

2- And then the torture thing. Weren't we hearing all about moral relativity a few news cycles back? How the demmy-crats don't believe in anything, and will twist their principles in the shifting winds of the desired outcomes? Then how can you say that torture is acceptable, IF it results in good information? That seems like the definition of moral relativity to me: if the ends justify the means, do whatever you want. Abusing people is wrong, always. Whether its done to be cruel, or as payback, or to extract information.

3- Just bought a metric shit-load of auto parts. The cars are in need of maintenance, and I've got to get it done. I want the luxury of not having a car payment, I've got to do the hard work of maintaining my vehicles. And soak for every last cent they've got, via the Amazon Prime account I had to get. See how you like shipping me a couple of MacPherson struts 2nd day air, for free! (I also purchased two shocks, a set of inner and outer tie rods, a radiator, a set of springs, and various smaller parts)